Sunday, February 24, 2019

On Saturday 23/2/19 your President had a huge healthy tree come down in his backyard. The property's backyard faces Wyong Rd  Before he noticed it was down Austgrid were passing, attended the site & disconnected the power from the broken street light on the pole that was holding the tree up off the road. 
Our member phoned SES & although not life threatening at the time, if the pole snapped, someone in a passing vehicle could have been seriously hurt or killed. Within the hour 2 people from SES were onsite to assess the situation & organise the task of making the area safe for everyone. Together with Austgrid the area was made safe & SES returned on Sunday morning to finish the job.
These people are all volunteers, on call 24/7 & do not get enough recognition or thanks for the outstanding work they do.

On behalf of Bateau Bay Men's Shed & the Men's Shed movement we want to thank you all for keeping us safe whenever an emergency arises. 

 Your efforts are virtually priceless to the Community

Enjoying a well earned cuppa  prepared by President's wife Krystina
We need to look after these guys

Friday, January 18, 2019

This is personal input from the President of Bateau Bay Men's Shed.

It seems to me that making connection with the younger generation through the Men's Shed movement is becoming harder & harder. And it is not our doing.
We at Bateau Bay used to host young boys & girls at vacation times for 1x1/2 day & had items pre-cut ready for them to assemble, paint & take home. It wasn't unusual for us to start pulling the roller shutters down to make them go home. They just didn't want to leave. The requirements on us to continue were impossible.
The PCYC approached us with the view having 1-2 fully supervised (by Police) youths come to the shed to gain some sort of training. Even if  it was only to make them understand; they need to get out of bed & get themselves to the Shed on time as required with a proper job because the world doesn't owe them a living. 
 At the Shed, put their phones away & learn something meaningful. From the powers that be we were advised to consider this move as it could be very risky & leave us open to all sorts of legal issues.
 This is just 2 of the many barriers we have encountered.
With all the do gooders, red tape, protection agencies, insurance companies & anybody else that can have their two bob objections heard the kids are missing out. At every turn, if they are enjoying or will enjoy an activity someone is taking it away. I won't comment on the removal of roundabouts & monkey bars from playgrounds. It,s time to allow responsible people on all levels to remove the kids from the no risk bubble they have been placed in & let them grow in the real world.  
Forget the what ifs & stop trying to fix things that are not broken.

Although being around for many years Essential Oils are all the go at the moment.
The Presidents' daughter has a small side business with one of the top oil manufactures.
After many requests from clients she asked if we would be interested in making up-market storage racks as an income for the Shed. 
To support the Shed she would offer them to whoever wanted one without taking a commission for herself. So far it has worked out excellent & is another income stream for us. 

These are just a couple of racks we have made so far
If you were to ask John Mills what he likes to do he would tell you metalwork & welding to the nearest 1/2".
But being one of our more talented members he is able to turn his hand to almost anything.  
He has been doing a bit of woodwork lately. 
Someone in his family (probably his wife Pam) asked if he would tackle a bird feeder/shelter for the outdoors. 
Always up to the challenge he agreed & after a couple of weeks it was finished.
Some other members were so impressed with it they are going to make one the same for themselves. 

Looks like a pretty good job for someone who works to the nearest 1/2"
It was a sad November/December for our Shed with the demise of 2 longstanding members.
Bob McIlroy passed in November & Errol Hvass in December.Both these members death was a shock to us. 
Although they had ongoing health issues they still attended the Shed on a regular basis & both were large as life the week before.

R.I.P. Fellas
Once again all Eagles Plumbing Supplies stores supported the Men's Shed movement by holding their annual Tradies fund raising golf day. It was well attended & the proceeds were distributed to various Men's Sheds on the Coast. We were one of the lucky ones chosen & received much appreciated donation of $1100.

A big thank you to the organizers & staff of all Eagles Stores & all those who contributed on the day.

It's gestures like this that go a long way to help us support the general community  

Bateau Bay Men's Shed President receiving the check from 
Josh who is the manager of the Long Jetty Branch

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Another large project we undertook was a set of outdoor bench seating for the Berkeley Vale Community Garden. After helping them gain the necessary funding from C.C.Council we were given the go ahead to make them to their special requirements. 
It was a shed community effort with the boys in the metal shop (Clive Tubnor, Steve Sinclair & John Mills) manufacturing the galvanized frame & Bryan Frendin Tom Green & a few others cutting & fitting the slats & finally John Devenport (our paint everything expert) doing the paintwork.  
The result was a fine set of benches anyone would be proud of.
Good job fellas