Friday, August 18, 2017

We held our 2017 A.G.M. on the 8th August which was well attended by 45 members.
A  BBQ was offered on completion of elections  & most stayed to socialise.

8th Annual General Meeting
PRESIDENT’S REPORT                         Date    08/10/2017

I welcome all members to the 8th Annual General Meeting of the Bateau Bay Men’s Shed. Also a special welcome to Jenni Allen representing ADSSI Home Living
We all need to acknowledge the aid & support we receive from ADSSI Home Living Australia. Their ongoing support from the day we were offered the use of this building up to the present time has been nothing but outstanding.    
We are coming into our 9th year of operation.
Some members due to illnesses have not been able to continue attending so it is good to see members willing to visit these men while offering help & support to the immediate family. The shed executive hopes & encourages you all to continue with this important roll.
The committee has been slowly improving & updating workshop machinery & purchasing upmarket consumables to make life a bit easier for everyone. 
We have had a very busy year that has past all too quickly.
 We only participated in one event this year but have spread information about the Men’s shed movement verbally & via editorials etc.
 We continue to support the Samaritan’s Purse for children in 3rd world countries, now in its 21th year.                     This year we were to purchase 60 starter packages directly from the Organisation @ $7ea; but they asked if the donation could be used for transportation costs instead.                             
 Due to our association with Toowoon Bay SLSC we are now associated with Shelly Beach SLSC.
 As well as all those small projects involving people seeking assistance, we did a lot of work without charge for the less fortunate.
 We continue to have a strong relationship with Whoosh before and after School Care who have now extended their portfolio to include Central Coast Multicultural Resource Centre.
We have become deeply involved with the Central Coast Amateur Beekeepers Association & have made numerous experimental items for them, which has lead to another good source of income for us.
Through Graham Craike’s association with native wildlife associations he & his disciples have made many possum boxes, micro bat boxes, kookaburra & other bird nesting boxes which are another good source of income for us. We also gave a donation of $250 to Wildlife Arc to help with their efforts in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife.
Due to an anonymous donation by one of our members all dues were paid, so we now have a financial membership of 100 with an average daily attendance of 25.
This shows the importance this Shed has for many men in our community.  
Submit financial report   
I wish to thank the outgoing executive and committee for their efforts & help during the year and especially their willingness to accept responsibility in their various rolls.  
To the Administration Graham Craike, Richard Howison, Peter Crabbie, & general committee, John Mills, Clive Tubnor, Ron Belshaw, Alex Lee, & John Innis my sincere thanks.
The eagerness of you all to be involved in running the Shed has been invaluable.  
Once again we should all be grateful to John Innis for his enthusiasm in picking up cakes for morning tea every day as well as looking after the timber storage, garbage disposal, organising & catering for our regular BBQ’s & the myriad of other things he does for the shed. Our thanks to you John; it is very much appreciated.     
 I now declare all positions vacant & wish the incoming Executive and Committee a successful year knowing the Shed has policies in place that will make the transition as easy as possible.
Would the returning officer please take the chair.

Fred Murray      President

Elected Committee 

Fred Murray                President/Treasurer
Graham Craike            Vice President
Richard Howison        Secretary
Peter Crabbe               Public Officer

General Committee
Clive Tubnor-----Ron Belshaw-----John Mills------Alex Lee-----John Innis

Friday, June 23, 2017

As in previous posts we like members to show us something they have made & are proud of.

Here is the latest contribution

Saturday, 3rd June 2017 saw the N.S.W whip makers get together for the N.S.W Championships held each year at the 
Cessnock Gun Club.

One of our members, Ross Jenkins proved to be the highest achiever on the day taking out the following awards.

1st Novice Decorative Stockwhip

1st & 3rd Novice Working Stockwhip

1st Novice Cowhide Stockwhip

3rd in the Open Plaited Belt

2nd  Open Plaited Hatband

Ross was also presented with two trophies  for 
The Most Successful Competitor & Best Novice Entry.

Well done Ross; you’re nearly at the top of the tree!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Another project being trialed by Barbara Elkins & Central Coast Council is this seed box we made  to be displayed on the counter of Local Librarys on the Coast. The seeds will be free to anyone who would like them in the hope they will cultivate them for their own use.


Monday, May 1, 2017

 Of late we have been doing a lot of jobs for people & organisations just for the hell of it.       
 Here is just 4 of them.

Toby is a great but handicapped young fella, who has ongoing problems & needs to attend Hospital regularly for periods of 4hrs or more at a time. He loves his Ipad & in particular 
Dora the Explorer.
 His dad asked if we could make up something to mount the holder he had; to the wheelchair. It needed to be mounted in such a way that it didn’t interfere with his movement in the chair. If we could do this for him then Toby would be much happier when at the Hospital while waiting to see his Specialist.   
He also said these things retail around the $1000 mark.

John Mills & Clive went about making exactly what was required & the result can be seen below. 
When they took delivery of it Dad asked the price & we told him it was our gift to Toby. Needless to say Dad nearly fell over.

It’s a good feeling to help someone like that!!


Another Freebee

IGA recently donated $500 to our shed so it wasn’t too much of a surprise to hear from Paul the manager asking us to help Wamberal Public School P&C. 
They wanted a lost property trolley that could hold hats, shoes etc. Tops, jumpers could be on hangers for display. They said the kids could then find their property easier than just having them all in one big box.

Dave Dickason put his hand up for this one & did a great solo job. The ladies of the P&C are over the moon.

Yet another!

Shelly Beach SLSC had seen what a magnificent job Ron Belshaw & his henchmen did on the vintage surf reels for 
Toowoon Bay SLSC. 
They wanted us to refurbish an old display that had been laying around for yonks.
 It housed the Selwyn Wells Memorial Trophy who tragically lost his life in 1959 while saving 3 children from drowning. It needed to be completely stripped back to bare timber while preserving the original text heading.

While Ron & Peter were the main 2 members on the job they had some help from other members as they needed it. 
The Surf Club was astounded with the result & say it i going to be mounted on the staircase wall for all to see.

Other perfect job boys. 
We know who to give the next one to.


And the last

A tray mobile for Long Jetty Seniors.
 It is to be used for storage of some games & can be easily wheeled out from wherever it is kept when wanted.
 Ron Beverly was looking for something to do so he said he & Kent would have a go at doing it.
 At the time of publication it was only half finished & Ron doesn’t come every day so it may be a while before we can see it completed.

 But it will be.

Why so sad Ron? You're doing a good job