Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Homes in Time for Winter

Graham and some of the 'Team of Possum Boxers' hanging around to see if they can attract some furries to their new homes.  The boxes come complete with an inside climbing frame, rubber to keep water out of the gap in the hinged lid and hose to protect the trees onto which the units are wired.

These 15  are the last of the 25 ordered for a Retirement Village (but not for human habitation) where the groundsmen will install them in trees around the property.

Graham is pleased to see the last of them but while these were on the production line orders have continued to be received so it looks like the Team won't be out of something to do for quite some time.

Great work Team, one would have to travel a long way to find boxes of the quality produced at Bateau Bay.

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