Monday, October 14, 2013

Attack of the Ageing Archers

Peter (in the red shirt) made these 2 equipment carriers for the Umina PCYC Archery Club and in payment Shed members were invited for a lesson and a 'shoot off' by the Club.  While only a few took advantage of the offer those who did had a very relaxing and enjoyable outing.

The wildlife on the Central Coast have nothing to fear because of the more than 160 arrows shot from a distance of 10 metres only 1 hit the bullseye while a few missed the targets all together and hit the curtain well behind the targets.

Ageing Robin Hoods from L-R  John S, Laurence (PCYC), John I, Barry F, Andrew K, Barry M, Peter C

Did Peter really hit the Bulls Eye or was the
arrow placed to suit the photo?
Great Style, pity about the aim!

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