Thursday, October 30, 2014

  Annual General Meeting 

The results of our AGM was as follows:
36 Members in attendance.
Acting President Graham Craike welcomed all attendees especially ex-President  John Sharples today representing AMSA.
Minutes of the 2013 AGM were read by the acting President.
He called for the minutes as presented be adopted & signed as a true record of the previous AGM :
 Moved   Peter Crabbe---Seconded   Alan Crompton 
As the previous President of BBMS John Sharples was called upon to report on the first half of his term & Graham Craike reported for the latter half of the year.  
Motion that the presidents report be received:
Moved   Bryan Frendin---Seconded   Tom Green 
The treasurers annual report be presented & received:
Moved  Clive Tubnor---Seconded  Kevin Armstrong 
Also noted was the Secretary/Public Officer complete & on behalf of the Committee submit the required Annual Report to the Dept Fair Trading.
Nigel Stretton (Bateau Bay Community Garden) was appointed Returning Officer & assumed the chair.
After the voting by members for the nominees of the various positions they were informed of the results as follows:

President: Fred Murray
Vice President: Graham Craike
Treasurer: Robert Corlet
Secretary: Richard Howison
Public Officer: Peter Crabbe
Barry French
Alex Lee
John Mills

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