Monday, November 24, 2014

Our Shed constructed the display boxes for HMAS Swan and HMAS Sydney 1 to which  perspex fronts and LED lighting were later fitted. For the last four months Peter Rea has been working on a cut-away illustration which shows in great detail the internals of HMAS Swan & is exactly the same size as the model.
 The 1.5m long model built by Michael Evans, was acquired by 'History and Heritage, Hunter to Hawkesbury Research' (4HR) for it's Centenary of Anzac exhibition. Planned  unveiling is the week prior to Anzac Day 2015.

The model has been previewed, this year, throughout Oct. and Nov. as part of the Brisbane Water Historical Society WWI exhibition at Henry Kendall Cottage & Museum.. The Society has requested the exhibition be held over until it is required for the 4HR Anzac exhibition.
The Men's Shed has also constructed a second display box for which 4HR will be acquiring a 1.8m long model, of HMAS Sydney I also built by Michael Evans. At the same time Peter Rea from 4HR is constructing a model of SMS Emden, which Sydney destroyed at the Battle of Cocas Island in 1914.
Both ships will share the second display box.

 Today the wrecks of two WWI sister ships HMAS Swan and HMAS Parramatta lay in the Hawkesbury River providing a local link via these very historic ships to the events of 1914-18.
After the initial exhibition for the Centenary of Anzac in April 2015, the exhibition will be available at other venues as an enclosed trailer has been donated and is currently being modified to suit.

 Bob Pankhurst was fascinated by the display of HMAS Swan.
 All ages have found the HMAS Swan display of great interest.

Peter & Dora Rea, Edith Campbell (Pres. BWHS) with the model of HMAS Swan. November 2014 presentation day

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