Monday, December 1, 2014

One of our major sponsors ADSSI Home Living gave us a large cash donation some months ago.
They said it could be used as decided by the majority of members.
When put to the men, it was almost unanimous the funds be used to enable our newly elected committee gain a current First Aid Certificate.

We called on Julie Rigg (whom the Shed has used in the past) for instruction & practical training to enable them to qualify for the Certificate.

To make up the numbers required for a substantial discount the New Community Garden was offered the chance to participate & 2 of their Committee completed the coarse. They naturally paid their own expenses.  

It was a big day for all as they had to get the memory going & brush off the cobwebs from the grey matter but they all managed to pass in the end.

Those of the Shed Committee now qualified are:

Fred Murray----Richard Howison 
Peter Crabbe----John Mills
Ron Belshaw----Graham Craike
Clive Tubnor

and from the Community Garden 
Nigel Stretton----Kevin Armstrong

The idea is to keep him alive  fellas

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