Saturday, February 20, 2016

Early January some of our members were discussing raising money for various Charities. 
We raised quite a lot last year for the Prostate Foundation Big BBQ ($1424), so it was suggested we support The McGrath Breast Cancer Foundation this time. 
Since our members love their BBQ's we decided to have one for 3 consecutive weeks starting with Tuesday 19th Jan, then 
Wed 27th & finally Thurs 4th Feb.
They were a great success & the boys parted with around $400 to $450. 
As is usual we will be going dollar for dollar from our finances so the Foundation can expect a nice donation of around the
 $800 to $900 mark.
A big thank you to the guys who helped with the organising, cooking & claening up afterwards. 

A great effort fellars for such a worthy cause

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