Saturday, December 22, 2018

 9th Annual General Meeting

PRESIDENT’S REPORT                         Date 07/08/2018   

  1. Welcome  to our 9th Annual General Meeting                   

We have 2 special guests attending this morning John Sharples & Kylie Frazer. John is representing AMSA NSW, Zone 8. He is our ex-president & one of the founding members of this shed                                                                                                                                                                                 Kylie is General Manager/Operations representing ADSSI Home Living                                       
 We all need to acknowledge the aid & support we receive from ADSSI Home Living Australia. This is their building & they lease it to us at a extremely low annual rent. They also support us in numerous other ways & have just made a donation of $400 which helped with the purchase of an inverter welder                    
 As we enter our 9th  year of operation  our outlook for the future is more than promising.                   Your committee will continue improving & updating workshop machinery & purchasing upmarket consumables to make life a bit easier for everyone.                                                                                                

We haven’t lost many members this year but there has been a lot illnesses. We endeavor to keep in contact with these members & it is good to see other shedders willing to visit them to offer help & support to the immediate family. These families have been astounded by the support offered by fellow shedders                                                                                                                                                                          We have had numerous invitations to participate functions this year. Some have just wanted us to be there to make up their numbers while others have been too far away. We did however attend an aged well being event  & have spread information about the Men’s shed movement verbally & via editorials etc.            
We have supported the Samaritan’s Purse for children for 9 years now but this year the committee decided to support the training of guide dogs for the blind with a substantial donation of $500. 

  Through Graham Craike’s association with native wildlife associations he has made numerous animal shelters & bird nesting boxes which are good source of income for us.

We currently have a financial membership of 67 of 123 members with an average daily attendance of 25.   This shows the importance this Shed has for many men in our community.  

Submit financial report                                                                This year there needs to be serious discussion on succession planning for the future as other members have to step up in participates in the running of the shed.

I wish to thank the outgoing executive and committee for their efforts & help during the year and especially their willingness to accept responsibility in their various rolls.  

To the Administration Graham Craike, Richard Howison, Peter Crabbie, & the general committee, John Mills, Clive Tubnor, Ron Belshaw, Alex Lee, & John Innis my sincere thanks. The eagerness of you all to be involved in running the Shed has been invaluable.

 We all know what John Innis contributes to the shed & his tireless efforts need special thanks from all the members  

I now declare all positions vacant & wish the incoming Executive and Committee a successful year with the knowledge the Shed has policies in place that will make the transition as easy as possible.                            Would the returning officer please take the chair.

Results of 2018-19 Annual General Meeting 7/08/2018

All candidates returned un-opposed as follows


President                                       Fred Murray
                                     Vice President                                                                 Graham Crakie

Secretary                    Richard Howison

   Treasurer                      Fred Murray

Public Officer                   Peter Crabbe


Clive Tubnor

John Mills

Alex Lee

John Innis

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