Thursday, November 23, 2023

After much thought and labour here are the finished beehives. We managed to make 10 boxes out of the materials supplied. This is the type of co-operation our members have between themselves for the good of all. 

A job well done guys & much appreciated.  

Tuesday, November 14, 2023


Seeing the members efforts in Native Beehive production Ty one of our members asked if he could cut and assemble as many boxes as possible from the Cypress Pine timber and all other components he brought in. He told us he has existing beehives in operation but wants to increase the number of hives. The problem was he was unable to attend the Shed as often as needed so would we be interested in doing them for him. We agreed and Bernie said he would like have a crack at it but may need help as the hives progressed. Below is Bernie with new member Brian and the start of assembly after all cutting was done.

 Once again Eagles Plumbing sponsored a Golf day for the tradies  from all their branches to raise money for various not for profit organisations on the coast. Our shed was lucky to be one of the ones selected and received a donation of $1375 from Clint the manager of the Long Jetty branch. Below is a photo of Steve our Vice President and Clint with a mock cheque of the amount gratefully accepted. 

     It's this type of help that keeps our shed in operation



A local resident Mal brought in an old writing desk in very poor condition. He said it was a family heirloom & wanted to pass it on to a family member but not in the condition it was in so asked if we could do something with it. Once again Steve took on the task but said it would take some time to do. Mal said there was no hurry so Steve was able to take his time to achieve a magnificent result. Some parts were renewed but most of it needed TLC. The progress and finished cabinet can be seen below. We think Steve will be glad it is done and he achieved the result he wanted. 

Great job Steve you’re the man!!




Josh has been coming to the Shed during his school holidays to work with  his grandad Bernie building an occasional  table. They are using recycled hardwood. Josh is also learning to use a range of hand  and power tools.

Our Shed is always there to teach young or old and covers most Trades.

Nice going Josh




Campbell is a Year 10 student at Central Coast Sports College.  He is keen to become adept in using hand and power tools so has been drawing on the wisdom of our members to assist him making a chopping board, for which he has used timber off-cuts. When completed he will take it to the College for assessment and marking.  Ron and Steve have been very generous with their time in assisting Campbell with this project. 

We warmly welcome young blokes to come along to the Shed.

You should score well with this Campbell


Sunday, November 12, 2023


Another project Steve tackled with Shaun was this beautiful solid oak table which needed repairs and renovation for a friend of Shaun. The tabletop, which had come apart at the joins, was dismantled and rebuilt. After staining and lacquering with polyurethane, the table was restored to its former beauty!

 Another perfect job for you guys to be proud of.