Wednesday, July 6, 2022


There has been very little community activity in the Bateau Bay area lately so the members have been able to concentrate on their own projects. 

Shaun Edwards one of our newer members made this treasure chest, (with a bit of help from others). 

He made it for his Grand Daughter's 4th birthday in December.   

At one of our morning teas. he said how pleased he was with the result and acknowledged the help he received

Well done Shaun. 

It's good to see you learning new skills



Tuesday, May 3, 2022

 We have an ongoing relationship with Community Environment Network who have in the passed asked us to assist with numerous bat boxes etc. which we have supplied as flat packs. Now we have been asked to manufacture Sugar Glider, Swift Parrot, & Black Cockatoo shelters that will be required ASAP.     Graham & Neil offered to do all the cutting and assembly  while other members assisted with the sealing and  painting                                                                                  

Thanks to all you guys for a job well done


Wednesday, April 20, 2022

 It has been quite a while since our last post due to the covid situation and government restrictions on trading etc. During that time it was decided to sidestep making toys for children. Instead we are now concentrating on the manufacture of various wildlife housing (possum/ bat boxes etc.) and nesting/shelter boxes for birds. 

Also we are making many household items for everyday use.  


Above is just a small selection
of wildlife boxes we are making for the community

 Below are other items we make for everyday use plus limited games and toys

 Essential oil stands of various designs and sizes


A members son who is employed by a large painting company based on the Central Coast asked if the  Shed would be interested in making a trophy from a large stop valve salvaged from  a industrial sprinkler system. The trophy would be presented to the painter who had driven over the sprinkler system and had caused considerable damage and expense.

It was to be awarded at their Christmas party as a reminder to the unfortunate painter to pay more attention when driving, and a salutary lesson to other staff members of the damage and costs involved through inattention.

While the trophy was awarded and received in good humour a lesson was certainly learnt, and the unfortunate painter has acquired a new nickname.


 The only remains of the sprinkler system


Thursday, April 14, 2022

 We recently had a lady come to see us with an antique cutlery set. The box had deteriorated beyond repair. She asked if we could make a replica as near as possible to the original. Neil Elliot took on the job and here is the finished product. 

Another job well done Neil 


 Neil made the box from selected cedar


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

 The Cavy Club President Machelle approached the Shed to inquire if we could make some carry cages for the Guinea Pigs the members to take to shows and exhibit. 

Cavy Club members breed various varieties of Guinea Pigs for public exhibitions.  

It was agreed after sourcing the materials that we would make 10 and possibly more in the future. Clive, John and Steve jumped to the task and made them in record time as they were needed for an upcoming show.

                   Many thanks fellas for a job well done


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Alex Lee has been an very active member of our Shed since January 2010. He was an electrician by trade and an extremely valuable man to have in our Shed.

He worked tirelessly for us fixing,
repairing and tagging electrical equipment for all and sundry including other Sheds. He had just celebrated his 90th birthday on the 29th March.   

He had not been feeling well for some time and sadly on the evening/morning of  April 20 we lost Alex due to complications of his various ailments.

R.I.P. Alex you will be missed