Monday, May 1, 2017

 Of late we have been doing a lot of jobs for people & organisations just for the hell of it.       
 Here is just 4 of them.

Toby is a great but handicapped young fella, who has ongoing problems & needs to attend Hospital regularly for periods of 4hrs or more at a time. He loves his Ipad & in particular 
Dora the Explorer.
 His dad asked if we could make up something to mount the holder he had; to the wheelchair. It needed to be mounted in such a way that it didn’t interfere with his movement in the chair. If we could do this for him then Toby would be much happier when at the Hospital while waiting to see his Specialist.   
He also said these things retail around the $1000 mark.

John Mills & Clive went about making exactly what was required & the result can be seen below. 
When they took delivery of it Dad asked the price & we told him it was our gift to Toby. Needless to say Dad nearly fell over.

It’s a good feeling to help someone like that!!


Another Freebee

IGA recently donated $500 to our shed so it wasn’t too much of a surprise to hear from Paul the manager asking us to help Wamberal Public School P&C. 
They wanted a lost property trolley that could hold hats, shoes etc. Tops, jumpers could be on hangers for display. They said the kids could then find their property easier than just having them all in one big box.

Dave Dickason put his hand up for this one & did a great solo job. The ladies of the P&C are over the moon.

Yet another!

Shelly Beach SLSC had seen what a magnificent job Ron Belshaw & his henchmen did on the vintage surf reels for 
Toowoon Bay SLSC. 
They wanted us to refurbish an old display that had been laying around for yonks.
 It housed the Selwyn Wells Memorial Trophy who tragically lost his life in 1959 while saving 3 children from drowning. It needed to be completely stripped back to bare timber while preserving the original text heading.

While Ron & Peter were the main 2 members on the job they had some help from other members as they needed it. 
The Surf Club was astounded with the result & say it i going to be mounted on the staircase wall for all to see.

Other perfect job boys. 
We know who to give the next one to.


And the last

A tray mobile for Long Jetty Seniors.
 It is to be used for storage of some games & can be easily wheeled out from wherever it is kept when wanted.
 Ron Beverly was looking for something to do so he said he & Kent would have a go at doing it.
 At the time of publication it was only half finished & Ron doesn’t come every day so it may be a while before we can see it completed.

 But it will be.

Why so sad Ron? You're doing a good job

As an ongoing experiment for the preservation of European & Native bees Barbara Elkin asked us to make this 
Native bee hive/ nesting box. 
The sides, top & bottom had to be at least 75mm to 100mm thick for insulation. She asked if we could also make a roof for it purely for decoration/presentation.

With plans provided to Steve & the boys know how below is the prototype they came up with.                                      

This could be ongoing income/donations for the Shed if it is the success it appears to be.  

The Production Line

On the 7th March we hosted a visit from the Cancer Council who gave a presentation on the 5 most common cancers according to their statistics. 
During the lecture members were encouraged to participate & interject with any questions or concerns they may have about the particular Cancer being discussed. 
The presentation was to last for approx 15min but due to the members extreme interest lasted about 40min. 
Although very little literature was made available we were informed there is an abundance of pamphlets & books etc. on their website for downloading. There is also a booking procedure on the site for anyone interested.   

Bateau Bay Shed would recommend this presentation to any group of for profit or non-profit organisations for updated information.