Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Promotion at Carers Week Community Event

When Adssi Home Living Australia invited us to participate in a promotion during Carers Week we were only to glad to attend and talk to anyone willing to listen about the benefits of belonging to a Shed.

The perfect physical specimens of the shedders waiting to talk to anyone was of course an attraction, or perhaps more of  a turn off, and that's probably why there are no eager people hanging on to our every word.

Kevin did attract just a little attention when he headed off on the Harley Rocker and were still not sure if it was his demonstration on just how strong the bike is or the motor bike noises he made as he rocked back and forth.  

Ready to promote Men's Sheds - Avery, Ray, John & John

Kevin always was a rev. head but to be a real bikie he needs a few more tats.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Attack of the Ageing Archers

Peter (in the red shirt) made these 2 equipment carriers for the Umina PCYC Archery Club and in payment Shed members were invited for a lesson and a 'shoot off' by the Club.  While only a few took advantage of the offer those who did had a very relaxing and enjoyable outing.

The wildlife on the Central Coast have nothing to fear because of the more than 160 arrows shot from a distance of 10 metres only 1 hit the bullseye while a few missed the targets all together and hit the curtain well behind the targets.

Ageing Robin Hoods from L-R  John S, Laurence (PCYC), John I, Barry F, Andrew K, Barry M, Peter C

Did Peter really hit the Bulls Eye or was the
arrow placed to suit the photo?
Great Style, pity about the aim!