Friday, November 18, 2016

Steve Craige has many varied & unusual hobbies. In the past he has made a scale replica model of an American destroyer (the name of which escapes me), He has also made a full size Gypsy Caravan that he & his wife lived & toured in, but has now sold.
He is 2/3 of the way through making another scale model of the American PT596. 
He brought it to the Shed recently to make some mounting brackets to sit it on. 
We don't know how you have the patience for these projects Steve.

David Greene is associated with the Australian Catholic University (Strathfield) Gymnasium & is the son of Tom Greene one of our veteran members. 
He said it would be nice if they had some sort of storage racks for the various bar weights they have in the Gym. 
Tommy never shy's away from a challenge so as usual said, 
"I can do that".
We set him up with a bending jig & away he went.
After much cutting, bending & welding, he had the racks professionally painted in a Grey hammertone finish.
For something quite different from your normal timber projects, you did a great job Tom; well done!

The Shed had a phone call from Kelly who is an avid rabbit lover.
She asked if we would be interested in making a 3 tier rabbit bank to house her rabbits overnight.
There was a specific criteria needed so we agreed to give it a go.
Bryan reluctantly (as always) agreed to see it through to the end & after much stressing out & with the help of a couple of other members managed to achieve a great result.
 Kelly was so elated with the Bank she will be ordering another one early in the new year.  
We don't think Bryan will be interested in the next one.