Friday, July 26, 2013

Bateau Bay Men's Shed Out in the Community

Three members of the shed accepted the invitation to demonstrate some simple home maintenance repairs at the local Community Centre.  John demonstrated a number of simple ways to repair holes in plaster walls then assisted those who wanted a hands on experience.

Another demonstration centred on fixing a leaking tap, which then led to many questions about plumbing in general.

We also took along a number of  tools and suggested that these items should form a basic kit if someone was thinking of putting together a tool box for their home maintenance needs. 

During the BBQ which followed it  was suggested that other demonstrations would be well received so it looks as if we may be back soon.

Anyone For Ring Toss?

This Ring Toss game will brighten up any recreation room and should provide hours of enjoyment for those playing. We hope the residents of Magnolia Manor enjoy playing this game.

The board sits against a sloping stand that can be folded away and locked in the store cupboard when the party gets too rough and the rope rings get used as Frisbees!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pre School Equipment Ready for Delivery

Three "Apron Hangers" and a hanger and box  for "Dress Up" clothes are ready for delivery to a lucky Pre School group.

Now instead of leaving their used aprons on the floor after craft work the children can easily hang them up on the pegs. (Pity this training won't be remembered when they get a bit older)

By hanging dress up items on the rail it will be so much easier to find just what they want to wear when its time for a performance.

We did try to get some of the men to take off some clothes and demonstrate how the equipment is supposed to be used but all we could arrange was for Graham to offer his services as a model.  Rather appropriate as it was Graham who made the Apron Hangers and had a big role in supervising the making of the Dress Up box.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Little Helpers Tower

A Mums request for us to make a stand that would allow her young child to reach the bench saw the men put their heads together and come up with an adjustable tower/box into which a child could climb with safety.

Here the youngster has moved from the kitchen (where mum was hoping she would help) and into the workshop to help dad. It helps to warm a Shedders heart.