Friday, October 14, 2016

Some months ago Nicole from Community Wildlife Environment Network asked if we would make some boxes suitable to house micro bats. Our wildlife expert Graham put his hand up, did some research & came up with this simply constructed box with attached mesh.
 His team can now add this to their list of wildlife protection boxes they already make.

. .   
In early August Clive Tubnor, one of our long standing members, attended a function where the new member for Dobel, Emma McBride MP was present. 
He introduced himself & in the course of conversation the activities of Men's Shed movement were discussed. 
Emma showed keen interest in what he had to say & asked if it would be possible to visit our Shed at a later date. A visit was arranged for 26th September & she arrived at 10am in time for morning tea.
Emma was gracious enough to answer all the questions the members had without being too political. 
She then asked to be shown around the Shed as well as the Community garden at the rear of our premises.  
She was suprised by the mens many activities as well as the machinery we have & left with a lasting impression of what Men's Sheds are all about.  As soon as Emma arrived back at her office she posted the days events on her Facebook page together with photos. It turned into a worthwhile visit for all concerned.