Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So Many Toys So Little Time To Play

Christmas is still months away but Santa aka. Norm has been hard at work in his corner and the toys are building up. With not enough time in the Shed he takes parts home to paint, now that's dedication.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Everything Old is New Again

Bruce has taken some timber from the scrap bin at Wideline windows and laminated up two circular table tops which he has finished with a splash of satin lacquer to produce the soft glow evident in the photo.

The legs for one table have been salvaged from a friends pot plant stand and the other from a rejected bird bath frame.

As for the long table, it was a 1300mm circular coffee table made from recycled Black Butt. Bruce has now recycled it again and with the offcuts has made up the legs and rails.

The top and legs will be filled and stained with an Oak stain and again will have a a semi gloss finish applied.

While his wife has decreed the two circular tables will remain in their home Bruce will be giving the long table back to the lady who supplied the timber. I'm sure she will be very happy to receive such a beautiful piece of furniture.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Inspector Barrie

Barrie has been a member of the Shed from our very early days and hardly misses a Tuesday where he keeps a close eye on what people are up to. While his eyesight is not the best these days his mind is still razor sharp. All too often he remembers a piece of hardware or special tool we have stored away somewhere and when we eventually find the item it's just what we need for the job.

As Assistant Treasurer and Electricians Apprentice he plays a key role in the daily activities of Bateau Bay Shed.

Happy Birthday George

There's always someone in a Shed who makes people laugh and George is certainly in this category. He made it very clear that he didn't want anyone to know it was his 82nd birthday last week but then proceeded to tell anyone and everyone who set foot through the Shed door that it was his special day. He enjoyed his birthday cake and made sure he divided it up so that everyone had a piece of the same size. (A bit different to last year when he brought his own cake in case we forgot, put it in the fridge for safe keeping, only to find that someone had eaten it!!)

George, our Shed would be all the poorer if you weren't one of our cherished members.

Shed at the Coastal Lifestyle Festival

With a prime position at the Forresters Beach Retirement Village Coastal Lifestyle Festival we were able to promote the Coasts Men's Sheds to many interested visitors. Our range of wooden toys out front drew many admirers which gave us the opportunity to engage them in conversations about Sheds. It also helped when their children took a fancy to the toys and by the end of the day our sales meant we had more than covered the cost of making them and still had as many set aside for future events. Its always nice to be working with a positive bank balance.

Thanks to Doug Evans, John Innis and Bill Barrett for their support from beginning to end.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our Cleaner Healthier Shed

Thanks to the NSW Government through their Community Builders Funding our Shed is now a cleaner and healthier place to work.

Five Filter cartridges have been fitted to the dust extractors attached to our major machinery and all are working very efficiently. Previously air was ejected through calico bags hanging above the extractor fans but when these became clogged with fine dust particles the extraction system became less efficient.

Now with filters that can be easily cleaned everyone in the Shed can breath more easily.

Our next step is installation of 6 ‘Whirly Birds’ in the roof to remove the heat from the frantic activities of our hard working members.