Thursday, October 30, 2014

This is what our new Secretary does to relieve frustrations.
He sands things.

A new chopping board for the wife eh Richard
Wax on wax off!!
  Annual General Meeting 

The results of our AGM was as follows:
36 Members in attendance.
Acting President Graham Craike welcomed all attendees especially ex-President  John Sharples today representing AMSA.
Minutes of the 2013 AGM were read by the acting President.
He called for the minutes as presented be adopted & signed as a true record of the previous AGM :
 Moved   Peter Crabbe---Seconded   Alan Crompton 
As the previous President of BBMS John Sharples was called upon to report on the first half of his term & Graham Craike reported for the latter half of the year.  
Motion that the presidents report be received:
Moved   Bryan Frendin---Seconded   Tom Green 
The treasurers annual report be presented & received:
Moved  Clive Tubnor---Seconded  Kevin Armstrong 
Also noted was the Secretary/Public Officer complete & on behalf of the Committee submit the required Annual Report to the Dept Fair Trading.
Nigel Stretton (Bateau Bay Community Garden) was appointed Returning Officer & assumed the chair.
After the voting by members for the nominees of the various positions they were informed of the results as follows:

President: Fred Murray
Vice President: Graham Craike
Treasurer: Robert Corlet
Secretary: Richard Howison
Public Officer: Peter Crabbe
Barry French
Alex Lee
John Mills

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Finished At Last!!!
The shed has one happy camper.
Maurie Wales has been working to restore this steam engine for at least 2 years.
When he brought it to the shed most of it was in pieces & in a bad state.
We are sorry we didn't get a photo of it then.
Some shedders said "It's too far gone Maurie it will never go "
They under-estimated Maurie's patience.
He re-assembled it all himself after polishing every part & with a little bit of expertise & fine tuning from John Mills & Mark Smith here is the final result




Friday, October 24, 2014

The ongoing saga of the 
Surf Reel
D Day; 12th October 2014  
60th anniversary of Toowoon Bay Surf Club

Following on from the presentation of the refurbished surf reel a while ago; we were invited to the festivities & represent the shed while presenting award ribbons to members for their 3rd placing in various races.
Graham our acting President presented the ribbons & Peter our secretary took some photos.
Sadly the camera was playing up so we only managed to get 2 viewable pictures.
The rumor is that they were so pleased with the first full size reel they are thinking of having a smaller reel for the Nippers upgraded.
This one will be to show the Nippers what a reel looks like if they don't look after it & what it should be like after we have finished with it.
Watch this space 

Robert Herod

14/04/1946 --- 24/07/2014

The late Robert Herod was our much esteemed Treasurer
until his sudden passing in July of this year.
In appreciation of the support to our Shed by his beloved 
Freemasons on the Central Coast
he wanted to reciprocate with a gift to be used on special occasions at their  functions.
Sadly he passed on before it was completed. 
Close friends Peter & Ron thought it would be an honor to  complete the task for Robert & as it is now finished present it as planed. 
They did most of the work but called on Robert Corlet 
(who stepped  in as the intrem Treasurer)  
to do the inlaid logo of the Freemasons movement.
Both flagpole stands were inscribed with a ongoing tribute to Robert. 

We at the Shed thank you guys for this lasting tribute to 
Robert Herod who will be missed

R.I.P.   Robert

Friday, October 17, 2014

Sorry no photos this time
About 5th Sept. we received an Email from AMSA head office asking if we would be willing to participate in the 
Great Outback BBQ Campaign. 
The idea is to raise much needed funds for the Farmers doing it tough out west. The money is to be used to buy fodder, repair damage done due to drought, floods, bush fires etc. as well as food & clothing for the needy.
We put it to the boys & they all agreed it was a great idea. They said it should be held after the AGM on the 23rd Sept. ( which was postponed on the day) as that was when most members would be attending the shed.
Because a donation was involved it was decided to go a bit up market with the catering & we had sausages, steak, bacon, onions coleslaw & all the other normal trimmings. 
We were having such a good time everybody forgot to take photos of the event.
About 30 members stayed for the BBQ & at day's end we managed to raise $250 for the cause.
It may not sound like much to some, but we feel that for 30 members (most of whom are on pensions) it was a great effort. We even managed to extract dollars from old miser George!!!
We think Farmer Someone would say:
 "Thank you for caring"
Bateau Bay Men's Shed administration also says 
Thank You Fellas

Saturday, October 11, 2014


On Tuesday 7th October 2 of our members were invited to a Rotary Award evening in the Tasman Room at Mingara.

Fred Murray & John Walker were asked separately, by Alex Lee, to come & support  the other while representing our Shed. Neither Fred nor John knew they were to receive an award on the night. Fred thought he was there for John & visa versa.

Both Wyong & the Entrance Rotary were represented by their respective Presidents & assisted by other committee members.

Karen McNamara M.P. Member for Dobell was also in attendance.  

After a few preliminary short speeches a nice baked dinner was served followed by desert, fruit, cheese tea & coffee. Not many backed up for seconds.  

Then it was award time & Karen was asked to read a short citation for each of the 6 recipients & present their awards. 

The surprise was apparent on both our members’ faces when their names were read out. 

John received an award for his previous dedication to organising the toolbox talk agenda for our Sheds & lately his valuable work organising the ongoing problems carers are exposed to over a long period of time. He responded by detailing his passion for what he is doing & the benefits to carers. 

Before reading Fred’s citation Karen mentioned the time she attended a SUPER BBQ (her words not mine) at Bateau Bay Shed earlier this year & how well she was received & respected.

Fred’s award was basically recognition for his Community service with the Shed as well as other areas of volunteering he does away from the Shed. Fred responded with a few short but effective words about how Men’s Sheds are impacting on member’s lives & outlook in retirement etc. He also mentioned to Karen how the concept has exploded in Australia from 300 Sheds some years ago to over 1000 today. He emphasised how critical Government funding was to this worthy cause. 

Congratulations to all who received recognition 
 especially our Shed members.