Thursday, April 29, 2010

HMAS Vampire

Steve Craig has spent 5 years creating this accurate working scale model of the HMAS Vampire. The detail is immaculate to the point where the checker plate deck corresponds to that of the vessel itself. Deck equipment can be assembled and operated as on the full scale version.
With the skills this man brings to the Shed anything is possible.

Can We Build It, Yes We Can.

Billy Hingston has completed his model dozer and has it presented it in a most realistic manner. The tracks are operable as is the blade. The detail involved in putting together this model is a credit to his skills.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's Up Roy?

After only seconds in command of the periscope Roy appears ready to report a serious incident aboard the 'Otway'. Is it too late to order a crash dive Roy or is it simply you have seen the morning tea trolley coming along the wharf?
Whatever it is George seems to be saying, "don't worry about Roy its almost time for his daily ration of Port and that usually fixes his melodramatic sightings".

'Woody" Keeps a Watch

We all felt comforted when 'Woody' reported no enemy ships on the horizon during his watch aboard the Submarine 'Otway' moored at Darling Harbour.
Good to see the Navy has adopted Bateau Bay Men's Shed shirts as their new uniform. The senior service gets with the strength.

Every Man Needs a Shed and a Warship

Having inspected the warship Vampire the men are granted shore leave and are ready to move on to another assignment to help save the free world Pity help us all!
Thanks Dave for organising a great day out at the Maritime Museum.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Happy Possum

Shed members were present to see Graham present a number of Possum Boxes to Naomi from Wild Life Ark during a Tool Box Meeting. Graham has been the driving force in getting a number of men to help in the construction of these Possum houses and they were gladly accepted by Naomi as with winter around the corner the furry animals are seeking refuge in the roofs of houses.

During the presentation Naomi asked if the Shed members would be interested in making more of the boxes to be sold and the profits shared. A team of willing helpers are already well under way with the first of what may be many batches of boxes.

Well done Graham.