Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Skilful Shedder

George "Bogey" Knight is one of our newest members and brings with him outstanding skills in knot tying. As a retired Naval man he honed his knot tying skills during many years at sea and now he brings them to our Shed. Here he displays the brass bell with decorative knot designs he has donated to the Shed to be used to call the 'workers' for morning tea.
This is another practical demonstration of the ownership the men are feeling for our Shed.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dave Owns the Wig

It was dress up day at the Shed and Dave's wig was the main attraction. Who would have thought grown, not necessarily mature, men would get their kicks from playing pass the wig.

Would You Give Your Money to this Man?

As a retired Bank Manager Roy is used to handling other peoples money. But I'm not sure now that I see the hair piece he wears so proudly if he looks to be the sort of person I would trust my hard earned salary to.

Kevin Continues to Act the Part of the Secretary

One wonders what goes on in the mind of Kevin, our Secretary, perhaps he really does think he's a "dolly bird" secretary but would you want him sitting on your knee taking dictation?

Woolworths Manager in Disguise

Brett, Manager of Woolworths Bateau Bay, likes nothing better than visiting the Shed for morning tea. But to get out of his store he needs to put on his disguise. While he's always welcome we never know when he will turn up or which of his many fancy dress outfits he will be wearing.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Dave Makes New of Old

Furniture restoration is a skill that a number of members are learning in the Shed. Here Dave, one of the original Shed members, is removing years of lacquer and stain from a very old swivel desk chair. Having removed the mechanical and upholstered parts he is experiencing the pleasure of seeing the old finish removed in preparation for a new skin.

Jim Our Whittler

Jim has brought a new skill to the Shed and his work is drawing quite a few interested onlookers. Jim's skill is in whittling and he comes each day with his kit of special hand made whittling knives. Here he is using an electric engraving tool to produce a series of Aboriginal motives onto a walking stick made from a fallen tree branch.
What a great way to spend a few hours, sitting in the open air, cup of tea beside him and talking to mates.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Farewell Friend

Shed members were saddened the hear that Allen Booth passed away on Wednesday March 3. Allen was enjoying a social evening at his village and passed away quietly with his wife and friend by his side.
Allen was one of the original Shed members and will be especially remembered for making his billy carts, the first of which was presented to the 1st Tumbi Cub Scouts on February 16.
As one of our founding members it is believed he was the first to turn on a power tool in the Shed as he began to refurbish the BBQ setting. He then restored the setting and is used whenever social activities are held outside.
As a member of the Wyong Council Seniors Consultative Committee he kept us up to date with Council activities and planning and seldom came to the Shed without some piece of information from this group.
Rest in Peace Allen.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Help is Always on Hand

Alex - don't need to hide behind the mask -Gibson comes to the shed with the help of his guide dog 'Cherry' but he often needs help with some of the more detailed jobs. Here Doug marks centres so that Alex can drill holes in the letter box he is making.

Concentration & Attention to Detail

Concentration on the faces of Woody and Doug is obvious as they work on the Scroll Saws. Both men have very high standards and their work is always of the highest quality.

Woody (in the forefront) is the Shed Welfare coordinator and he follows up those members we have not seen for a while. His efforts have been well accepted by the members who feel special that we would think enough of them to be concerned for their wellbeing.