Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Homes in Time for Winter

Graham and some of the 'Team of Possum Boxers' hanging around to see if they can attract some furries to their new homes.  The boxes come complete with an inside climbing frame, rubber to keep water out of the gap in the hinged lid and hose to protect the trees onto which the units are wired.

These 15  are the last of the 25 ordered for a Retirement Village (but not for human habitation) where the groundsmen will install them in trees around the property.

Graham is pleased to see the last of them but while these were on the production line orders have continued to be received so it looks like the Team won't be out of something to do for quite some time.

Great work Team, one would have to travel a long way to find boxes of the quality produced at Bateau Bay.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Morning Teas are Very Important Times in the Shed.

Sometimes the men come to work, sometimes to share a story, sometimes to be with mates and SOMETIMES for Morning Tea.

Then there are others who come for all 4 but they all make sure they are always present for Morning Tea.

What goes on in the Shed stays in the Shed so no one goes home and admits what they ate for Morning Tea.

Great Diet Ken!

The morning teas at the Shed are guaranteed to smash any diet unless your inner strength allows you to resist the rich Cream Buns, Vanilla Slices, Custard Tarts, Donuts, Sponge cakes, Sticky Buns and Scones.

As you can see Ken left his calorie counter at home today so his resistance is as low as it gets..  

Q. How big does a cream cake need to be to require 2 hands to hold it?

A. Too big Ken.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fairhaven Fete

 How can we fail to draw a crowd to our stall at the Fairhaven fete when we have our own Town Crier to encourage patrons to inspect the display of quality goods for sale.

Avery is one of our Shedders who also works as a volunteer with special needs men and women at Fairhaven so he called by a number of times during the day to stir up more customers.

The Fete was a great success and provided an opportunity to educate people on Men's Sheds on the Coast while helping to give us some more funds to keep the Shed functioning.