Tuesday, December 14, 2010

George of the Shed Award

Who else but George has won he inaugural "George of the Shed Award". The award - also known as - the "Horses Arse Award" was presented today for outstanding efforts in mobile phone management, losing car keys when they were in the car door, looking for a brown jacket when he wore a blue one and for a convincing suggestion that our new Shed Acheivement, Achievement trophy had a spelling mistake engraved on it.

Well done George the trophy is yours for a year and we expect it back this time in 2011. Special thanks to ATB Trophies of Bateau Bay for donating and engraving the trophy.

The bottle of scotch was not part of the presentation but a deal done on the side with a fellow Shed member!

Someone Will Be Happy This Christmas

The men in the Shed have presented the rocking horse and the rocking plane to the Samaritans to pass on to some worthy children who may have missed out on a Christmas present this year. The plane was repaired and repainted by the men while the horse was made from scratch. Thanks to the men who put their skills into practice to support the community

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Opening Times at Bateau Bay

Just in case you were planning a visit or even turning up to work, the Shed will be closing on Thursday 16 December and will open again on January 4.

This will give everyone a break for a few days over the festive season and hopefully all will return refreshed, and not having put on too many Kilos. For those with the sweet tooth we have already made plans with our Cake Shop Sponsors to be prepared for our first day of 2011 and they have promised the supply of quality morning tea cakes is assured.

We take this opportunity to wish all Shedders, and would like to be Shedders, a joyous and a safe festive season and look forward to sharing 2011 with you.

ADSSI CEO and Our Shed Goddess Pay Us A Visit

Today we had the pleasure of having Jenni Allen and Colleen Cooper visit the Shed to share a morning tea with the members. This is not the first time for Jenni but today we welcomed her in her new position of CEO. Colleen visits us regularly and she is always most welcome.

Both of our guests were presented with a small suitably engraved gift of a Bateau Bay Men's Shed key ring.

We are looking forward to entertaining other members of ADSSI in the New Year once the holiday season is over and business settles back into a routine.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Three Cabinet Makers

You have seen the 3 Tenors and the 3 Amigos and now we introduce the 3 Cabinet Makers.
Graham, Bruce and Tom have been working hard on a magazine cabinet for Bateau Bay Bowling Club.
The Club made a donation to the Shed and asked if we could "knock up" a stand for them to display and store bowls magazines. This is the finished product and we a certain it will be a hit with the Bowls Club members when it is presented.

The finishing touches on the doors were crafted by Mark. His meticulous pyrographic presentation of the Bowling Clubs logo is a feature on the finished piece of furniture.

Cutting Edge Technology

This Shed promotes cutting edge technology whenever it can but there are always exceptions. When Chang donated his push mower to the Shed he thought he had seen the last of it, but NO! The grass strip in front of the Shed needed a trim so it was Chang who was elected to the task. It took him a while to get started though because he couldn't find the starter button.