Saturday, September 27, 2014

This is a trophy brought to us by Rod Smith on behalf of the
 Australian Armourers' Association .
 It had been designed & started a few years ago by Bruce Tough, & Rod. had taken on the responsibility to see it through to completion.
It is to serve as a memorial  to WOFF William (Bill) RILEY, & will be awarded to eligible Defence Force personel for their achievements, boasting a smaller bomb at the side noting their name etc.
The main polished portion of the trophy (we've been told) is exactly the same size as the head of the real bomb head.

It came to us as just loose components with no mounting facilities at all. 
As these pieces were  finished  items our main concern was not to scratch or damage them in the mounting process
John Mills figured out the best way to attach all the pieces, and went about machining the fixings to do the job. Barry milled the centre 20mm projectile flat so it could be screwed on from the back.
The copper data plate was reworked by John to ensure it was all in proportion.
We think it looks great, Rod is ecstatic & we received a nice donation from the association as well !!!
Sorry for the quality of the text plaque image.

 The 2 blokes in this photo had nothing to do with it. They just think they're so handsome  (camera hogs)

Well done fellas

Friday, September 19, 2014

Wyong Ladies Bowling Club needed to gain the members attention at meetings & functions etc
They borrowed a small marimba from us to see if it would work. 
It was a great success but a little too large for their needs.
They asked if we could make them a mini version with only 3-4 keys. 
Our resident musician Mark jumped at the chance.
He had been wanting to make something with aluminium keys for a long time.
He tuned them to perfection & the result was amazing.
Much appreciated by the Bowling Club & a superb effort from Mark!!
Maybe we can call upon him in the future to make a normal size marimba with the same keys.