Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bateau Bay - The Musical Shed

The men in the Shed did such an excellent job making the full sized marimbas last year that we were this time asked to make 4 Mini Marimbas. These can be transported between schools so that students not fortunate enough to have access to the full sized instruments can at least gain from the learning on the smaller versions.

With the experience gained on the larger varieties Tom and his team really raced through this project to the delight of the school and teacher.

While not shown Tom designed a carry rack so the instruments can be stacked and carried from school to school and class to class as a single unit and each instrument has a locking mechanism to prevent the bars falling off when being set up by students.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Latinos & Friends Day At The Shed

The Shed hosted its first Multicultural Day on Saturday when a group from the Latinos & Friends spent a day making Garlic Bread Trays, sharing in a special morning tea a typical Argentinean/Uruguayan BBQ and a lot of laughs.

The morning tea of home made lemon biscuits and bread & butter cake was then topped with a BBQ of the biggest ribs we had ever seen. Some of us had not eaten as much meat in a month.

Oh, and yes there was some serious work done with each Latino taking home a Garlic Bread Tray they had made, they also received a Certificate for their efforts as well as a roll of Garlic bread to put in the tray.