Wednesday, November 20, 2013

But That's Not All - Thanks to Karagi Court Charity

The Karagi Court Charity funding for the Vertical Drill Mill machine extended to a 20 Ton hydraulic press for the metal shop and a 3 HP 3 cylinder Air Compressor for the wood shop.

With the Compressor permanently installed in the dust extraction shed outside the main workshop the main working space is much quieter. As the compressor is powerful enough to supply a steady volume of compressed air we now have "drop down" hoses in the workshop which allow air tools to be connected very quickly.

The men have also rigged up extension air intakes to draw clean air into the cylinders.

With 20 Ton capacity we can now press and bend just about anything

Our super Compressor

Thanks Karagi Court Charity Committee

Karagi Court Charity Committee presented a Vertical Drill Mill to the Shed which will mean the opportunities for members to work on more extensive metal projects.

With the instillation of this major machine  the Shed can now handle just about any job we are asked to do and we will only be limited by the skills (or lack of) by the members.

While this is a specialist machine men will have the opportunities to learn new skills and to enhance their Shed experiences.

Details of the cutting tool and vice

Barry loves his new toy
John is keeping a close eye on his project
One needs a degree to work the control panel

Friday, November 1, 2013

Channel 7 Visits the Shed

When the Channel 7 News team asked to visit the Shed to promote Time Banking the men jumped at the opportunity.

So a small group showered, brushed their hair, checked their actors equity membership cards and put on their camera faces. Peter and Fred fronted the camera to promote Time Banking while the rest were content with playing a supporting role as the  more lowly paid 'extras'

Barry wasn't offered an interview but made sure he was hovering wherever the camera was pointing.