Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Old Shedders Live to Rock - or is it - Die Old Disgracefully

The "Rocking Harley" has been taking shape in the Shed for more than a 18 months but it is finally finished and waiting for a good home.

Made entirely from timber, apart from the handle bars and grips and the leather upholstery,  the steering works, the wheels rotate and the badges are authentic Harley Davidson add ons. At 1300 long by 750 high and weighing enough to make one think twice before lifting it the bike will suit an adventurous pre school or early school aged child.  

After 100 hours in the making it is a little sad to see the end of the project.  The time taken to complete the rocker would have been less if the shedders hadn't kept suggesting changes to the original design but we did stop short of installing a Harley tuned sound effects module which created the characteristic exhaust tone when the bike was being ridden.

We now look forward to finding it a good home  and perhaps for the new owner it may be the start of a lifelong love of the two wheeled monsters.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bateau Bay Wobbly (or is it Knobbly) Walkers

The Bateau Bay Shed fitness gurus combined with Jessica from InTouchHealth to start the Wobbly Walking Group on a perfect day on the Central Coast.

Too often we know we really must start an exercise program but while the spirit is willing the flesh is weak.  Not any more, and we hope that next week there will be more men joining our friendly group.

It wasn't a hard slog with a race to see who could walk the fastest but a pleasant stroll across a creek around the back streets and back through a park.

Everyone should try it to burn off the morning tea cakes that are always on the table at the Shed.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thanks are Always Nice to Receive

Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre would like to thank the Bateau Bay Men’s Shed for a wonderful Tool Workshop and your support. We all learnt something and had a great morning with a few laughs as well. Keep up the good work guys!