Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our First Executive Appointment

Only Garry turned up to the Shed Christmas party in a collar & tie. He can be excused this time however as he had just accepted a position as the manager of a retirement village at Marsden in Sydney.
He thanked all the men for their support as his referees.
He even has the executive pose for the camera!
December News.

The Shed will close for the Christmas break on Thursday 17 December and open again for business on Tuesday 5 January 2010.

We plan to start the year off by installing 3 industrial fans in the workshops and a ceiling fan in the Training Room.

We plan to follow this with installation of a purpose designed dust extraction system and then add another bench in the woodwork area.

The metalwork room won't miss out with the metal rack installation and the construction of both a work bench and a welding table. This should then see us start on updating the box trailer we had donated.

We haven't forgotten our community responsibilities and have a huge year ahead of us as we integrate our ADSSI clients, Samaritans, The Cottage in Debra Ann Drive, and a new client The Norah Head Lighthouse!

Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2,222.22 Woolworths Reasons to Smile

Today the Manager of Woolworths Bateau Bay, Brett Goodwin, presented $2,222.22 to Bateau Bay Shed. This money was raised following the month of "Movember" when men from the Shed were invited to hold barbeques,raffles and Chocolate Wheels inside the store for each of the 4 Thursdays of the month.
This has been a great promotion for the Shed and we know our members enjoyed the time they spent working alongside the Woolworths staff.

Thanks Woolworths!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

St. George Forever

Brett, the manager at Bateau Bay Woolworths, a die hard St. George fan, receives a framed print of 2 of their star players in action and the dragon logo. Brett has been instrumental in promoting our Shed during "Movember" and we felt he deserved a small token of our appreciation.

Woolworth Staff visit the Shed

Following a very successful promotion during "Movember" 6 men from the Bateau Bay Woolworths store visited the Shed to have a look around and meet the men.

Thanks Woollies!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meet Our Two Newest Members

Alex & Cherry have only been with us for a couple of weeks but already have made themselves part of our network. Alex has a wicked sense of humour and Cherry because of her patience Cherry has a spot outside the Shed but when no one else is around is allowed to come inside where the floor is cooler.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lift it High Dave

'The Hammer" which carried Dave Betts from Port Macquarie to The Entrance in support of Mens Health is lifted high at the end of the paddle. Dave's bookends work with him and accompanied him on his trip.
Dave expressed his thanks for the support he received from the men from the Bateau Bay Shed. Well done men!

Thumbs Up For A Job Well Done

Dave Betts arrives at The Entrance where a big group of supporters were present to welcome him. Men from the Bateau Bay Men's Shed were there in numbers to show their appreciation for a job well done and to thank Dave for his promotion of Mens Health and Shed sponsorship.

Dave Betts Arrives at The Entrance

Dave arrives at The Entrance after paddling from Port Macquarie in support of Men's Health.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This one here Kevin, not that one!

Poor Kevin, a great Secretary but not so good on knowing which of the 3 trays have the sausages in them. Woolworths have for the month of Moevember (men's health month) offered the Shed the opportunity to hold a fund raising BBQ in the store every Thursday for a month. Excellent sponsorship, thanks Woolworths.

Trust Me I'm a Doctor

Don't smile Graham, do you know how big Kevin's fingers are? If only Woolworths knew what the Mens' Shed were up to before serving customers at a fund raising BBQ.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ray the Renovator

Ray is really working hard on his kitchen cupboards and when he has finished sanding down all the profiles he intends to lacquer the doors and bring them back to pristine condition. Each day he brings 1 or 2 doors in and before long will have sanded back all his doors. Of course it takes a while to do each door because he has to stop for a chat or a cup of coffee!

Doug Just Loves to Cut Timber

Get Doug near a power saw, any saw, and he is as happy as a pig in mud. Here he is cutting some discs to be used in an imitation path for a small garden. The smell of freshly sawn Camphor Laurel is much nicer than that of 20+ working men.


Bob just loves to make the sparks fly in the Shed but he is always safety conscious and wears his safety glasses when using machines.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Sponsors Display Wall

Our Shed is very grateful to the organisations who have made it possible to establish the Shed and to plan for the future with certainty.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

On Thursday 19 November Shed members will be hosting the ADSSI Board of Management and Senior Managers when they visit for the first time. ADSSI staff have been following the Sheds development with interest and are keen to promote its use with their clients. We feel that as our "settling in & setting up" period is coming to its conclusion now is the time to open our doors to the Board Members and Senior Managers who have so kindly provided us with the building and the funds to make this workshop the envy of many.

During the morning senior staff will visit to see a 'working shed' and will have the opportunity to talk to our members and to visualise how our operations can be integrated into their clients activities. Later in the day we hope as many of the Board Members as possible will be present to share lunch with us and to discuss the progress made so far and our plans for the future.

The Leadership Team

This is how a cheeky member views the leadership team. President John driving, Treasurer Nigel safe in the middle and Secretary Kevin riding shotgun in the back. Oh for some respect please.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carving a Bushwalking Stick

John our "Wood Carver in Residence" concentrates as he carves a rope pattern along the length of his bushwalking stick. He still has to start on the animals he will carve toward the top of the stick before he finishes it all off with a turned knob on the top. Keep at it John you'll get there.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Master & Apprentice

George the supervisor keeps a close eye on Ken the apprentice as another section of the Shed comes together.

Plenty of Advisers

Do all of you fellows know what you are looking at?

Can I have First Go?

Every man needs a shed and every shed needs a train set!

Any One in There?

Just checking all is clear before turning our lathe on for the first time.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome to Bateau Bay Men's Shed Blog

The Shed Logo was designed by Mark Segal one of our many talented members.   The logo will now appear on our letterhead and will be reproduced on our range of designer wear casual clothing.
Having an identity plays an important part in the presentation of the Shed and helps show the professional manner that we consider to be part of our day to day operations.  

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting Down To Work

Chang works on a project for home.

Another Project Complete

The portable tool boxes are finished and stored in the mobile tool trolley.

Lunch Time

There's always time for a BBQ at our Shed.

At Last Some Woodwork

Doug and Garry getting stuck into making boxes for our portable power tools.

More Machines to be Put Together

We want to make something other than working on an expensive construction project.

Machine Assembly

If only our power tools came already assembled rather than in a flat pack!

Tool Box Meetings are Always Fun

Tool Box meetings are just another name for morning tea but also a great time to discuss Shed business.

The Electricians are on the Job

With a lot of work to do we took on the oldest apprentice to assist the electrician.

New Metal Lathe

Our new metal lathe sits waiting until our electricians hook up the power.

Small Jobs Bench

We have set up a bench dedicated to light machines for the making of smaller items such as toys.

Let the World See Where We Are

Our new signs tell all who come looking just where we are.

What Blank Walls

So little equipment so many empty spaces to be filled.

The Workhorse

A wobbly saw horse will have to suffice as a work bench to begin with.

The Shed is Starting to Take Shape

The first of the equipment orders have been unpacked and assembled.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Bateau Bay Men's Shed Inc was held at the Bateau Bay Men's Shed today.

The new committee comprises -

John Sharples - President
Kevin Arm
strong - Secretary & Vice President
Nigel Stretton - Treasurer
Dave Boulton - committee member
Colleen Cooper - ADSSI representative
Chang Ho - committee member
Tony Blayden - committee member

John Sharples conducting business as the newly elected President.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Working Shed

In the early days of a shed even picnic tables become a working bench to get things moving.