Thursday, May 24, 2012

Community Garden Off To A Roaring Start

 With the scrub cleared and pushed into a pile the next stage with the garden was to get rid of the unwanted cuttings in readiness for levelling the area before starting into the drainage.  What better way to get rid of a pile of bush than to invite the NSW Fire Brigade to set the bonfire alight and manage any threats to the surrounding buildings.
After a slow start the dry cuttings generated some spectacular photo opportunities but the heat prevented those who came prepared with mash-mellows from toasting them.
There were only 2 phone calls from neighbours reporting that the bush was alight and soon after the flames died down light rain began to fall.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Now That's A Saw!

The Lucas Mill demonstration at Alison Homestead was watched with great interest by a number of Shedders from across the Central Coast and beyond.  What a great piece of machinery that could be put to good use by Sheds who have access to logs or large pieces of timber they need reduced in order to make them manageable and in a state where they can be taken into the workshop to be further worked on.

Now all we need is a few thousand dollars and somewhere to store and transport the frame and cutters.

Australia is Safe

The Crew

Following the visit by members of Bateau Bay Men's Shed to Garden Island- our countries ultra secret Naval Station - it was pronounced that Australia is once again in safe hands. 

The crew from HMAS - BBMS are ready and willing to fight for our country so all Aussies can sleep soundly knowing they will be safe in their beds.

Poor misguided people.

Photo taken by Barry French aka The Cabin Boy