Monday, June 27, 2011

Kia Lodge Recreation Area Tables

The residents of Kia Lodge retirement Village have 2 new tables for their Community Recreation Room. The social committee approached the Shed asking us to make 2 additional tables to match those they already had and we were happy to oblige.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bateau Bay Sheds' Racing Cart

As part of our proud community involvement the Shed has made and donated a Billy Cart to the Central Coast Community Chest.
Each year the CC Community Chest organises a Billy Cart Derby Day on the waterfront at Gosford and this year Bateau Bay Shed accepted the invitation to build a cart. The cart will carry the Logo of the Shed and will be driven by someone who would have loved to enter but wasn't able to build their own machine. Who knows it may even get to run in a couple of events before going into the "Cart Hall of Fame".
In order to meet specific design specifications we imported a Test Pilot from Tasmania who gave us his time while on school holidays to check out Mark's workmanship.
Prior to the event the cart was on display in the Imperial Shopping Centre in Gosford.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jo Allen Visits our Garden

Jo Allen from the Killarney/Bateau Bay/Tumbi (KBT) Community Garden and one of the earliest supporters of the Shed called in to view the progress of the side garden. Cec standing to the right of Jo and Barry on her left proudly showed off the garden. Cec has been working non stop in digging out an overgrown mass of shrubs and dead plants and with the help of the donation of shrubs from the KBT Community Garden a sunny corner of the Shed is being created.
Cec has great plans for continuing the landscaping of the Shed garden and it won't be long before we can enter into garden competitions.

Jo is holding a copy of the submission we have with Council to develop a Community Garden behind the Shed. If we are successful with our submission it will mean we have approval to develop a garden larger in size than our current Shed. This will provide exercise and enjoyment for an even larger number of men (and women) who have an interest in gardening.

Can We Be Of Assistance on Our 2nd Birthday

Nigel our Treasurer and Kevin our Vice President/Secretary have been working very hard for the past 2 years and after our birthday celebrations today found the effort and the excitement just a little too much to handle.

They both have different ways of letting their hair down, Nigel by catching up on a few zzz's and Kevin who has been letting his hair down quite a bit by the look of it, with some facial exercises.

Their looks and relaxed attitudes are no indication to their dedication to keeping the Shed functioning smoothly for the past 2 years.

Great work gents!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

And Your Table Number Is ......

The Samaritans Coffee Shop at The Entrance Community Centre was in need of some table identification stands.
So who best to ask to get a top job done in the shortest time but the Bateau Bay Men's Shed Team.
The men swung into action with big Mike supervising, "who else?" and the 10 stands were finished in time for the next opening day.
It's great to be able to help out and the men enjoy being asked to support a local community group.