Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Happy Shedder and a Thankful Girl

When Amarli turned up at the Shed today to pick up the Adjustable Slope Board Tom had made for her it was great that he was present to see the delight on her face when she first saw it.

But it wasn't only Amarli that looked happy as Tom couldn't get the smile off his face when he saw just how much his efforts were appreciated.  Mum and Amarli brought some home cooked chocolate cookies as thanks but it was Amali who took centre stage and was happy to stay on using her new gift to hold some books she was reading.

Well done Tom you have made a little girl and her Mum very happy and when she takes it to school everyone in the class will want one! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Advancing Medical Science

Always looking to push the barriers of Medical Science the Shed has made a beautiful polished case to allow the duty Dr in the NSW Marine Corps to carry his Field Amputating and Musket Ball removal tools and the extra special Skull Boring Tool that relieves the symptoms of head aches.

To achieve a level of authenticity the case needed to reflect the quality and style of the early days of the NSW Colony when the Corps was the "Law and Order" of the day and needed to be ready to perform field surgery in the mud and dust of the battle field.

A masterful job of reproduction that only needs a few bumps and scratches to look as if it came to Australia in one of the earliest fleets.

Slope Board for a Special Needs School Student

A request from a Mum for the Shed to make two slope boards for her special needs 5year old who was starting school had the men lining up to work on the projects.

The first was a fixed Board with a set angle that would be kept at home but the second was a little more involved.

At school the board needed to be adjusted depending on the class tasks and then also needed to be folded flat for storage.  The photos show the ingenuity of the finished job.  We were also mindful that the Board would be used by a Kindergarten student so safety was an important factor and the stand has been made very secure and locks firmly in place.

To finish off the project it was decorated with colourful stickers to make it very attractive for a young girl.

Well done guys!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

For the Book Worms

It looks like some lucky children will be able to keep their book shelves tidy once they have a set of these colourful book ends holding up their current special books .

These are  samples of sets made in preparation for a fete and should be very attractive to any young child with a liking for books and colour in their special places.