Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meet Our Two Newest Members

Alex & Cherry have only been with us for a couple of weeks but already have made themselves part of our network. Alex has a wicked sense of humour and Cherry because of her patience Cherry has a spot outside the Shed but when no one else is around is allowed to come inside where the floor is cooler.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lift it High Dave

'The Hammer" which carried Dave Betts from Port Macquarie to The Entrance in support of Mens Health is lifted high at the end of the paddle. Dave's bookends work with him and accompanied him on his trip.
Dave expressed his thanks for the support he received from the men from the Bateau Bay Shed. Well done men!

Thumbs Up For A Job Well Done

Dave Betts arrives at The Entrance where a big group of supporters were present to welcome him. Men from the Bateau Bay Men's Shed were there in numbers to show their appreciation for a job well done and to thank Dave for his promotion of Mens Health and Shed sponsorship.

Dave Betts Arrives at The Entrance

Dave arrives at The Entrance after paddling from Port Macquarie in support of Men's Health.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This one here Kevin, not that one!

Poor Kevin, a great Secretary but not so good on knowing which of the 3 trays have the sausages in them. Woolworths have for the month of Moevember (men's health month) offered the Shed the opportunity to hold a fund raising BBQ in the store every Thursday for a month. Excellent sponsorship, thanks Woolworths.

Trust Me I'm a Doctor

Don't smile Graham, do you know how big Kevin's fingers are? If only Woolworths knew what the Mens' Shed were up to before serving customers at a fund raising BBQ.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ray the Renovator

Ray is really working hard on his kitchen cupboards and when he has finished sanding down all the profiles he intends to lacquer the doors and bring them back to pristine condition. Each day he brings 1 or 2 doors in and before long will have sanded back all his doors. Of course it takes a while to do each door because he has to stop for a chat or a cup of coffee!

Doug Just Loves to Cut Timber

Get Doug near a power saw, any saw, and he is as happy as a pig in mud. Here he is cutting some discs to be used in an imitation path for a small garden. The smell of freshly sawn Camphor Laurel is much nicer than that of 20+ working men.


Bob just loves to make the sparks fly in the Shed but he is always safety conscious and wears his safety glasses when using machines.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Sponsors Display Wall

Our Shed is very grateful to the organisations who have made it possible to establish the Shed and to plan for the future with certainty.