Saturday, February 20, 2016

This is the first of our purchases with the grant ($3500) from the Federal Government through AMSA the head body for Men's Sheds Australia.
A new Makita Compound Slide Saw with a 305dia blade.
It's basically the same size as the saw it replaces but Makita have addressed all the faults (which were many) of the previous model.
The members are extremely happy with this purchase & know that if it is looked after & treated with respect it will give us many years of service as did the previous one.

(Also combined in the grant is enough capital to purchase a floor Drum Sander & a Suds Pump for our Metal Lathe.
These items will be on the blog after delivery)

We acknowledge & are most grateful  to the Federal Government for its ongoing support to all Men's Sheds via funding, without which most of them would be struggling if not nonexistent.  

The members at Bateau Bay would like to thank Karen McNamara MP in particular; for her wholehearted support & enthusiastic approach  to the Men's Sheds movement on the Central Coast. Without people like Karen the movement would be nowhere what it is today. 


Early January some of our members were discussing raising money for various Charities. 
We raised quite a lot last year for the Prostate Foundation Big BBQ ($1424), so it was suggested we support The McGrath Breast Cancer Foundation this time. 
Since our members love their BBQ's we decided to have one for 3 consecutive weeks starting with Tuesday 19th Jan, then 
Wed 27th & finally Thurs 4th Feb.
They were a great success & the boys parted with around $400 to $450. 
As is usual we will be going dollar for dollar from our finances so the Foundation can expect a nice donation of around the
 $800 to $900 mark.
A big thank you to the guys who helped with the organising, cooking & claening up afterwards. 

A great effort fellars for such a worthy cause