Monday, August 30, 2010

Mike Has Extra Brain Capacity

Big Mike is always thinking up new projects for the Shed. But Mike if you too much your head will explode.

Now we know why his thought process is so much quicker than anyone else in the Shed, he comes complete with twice the thinking power. Who needs a super fast computer with all the thinking capacity in one of our members?

We need your thinking skills on our Committee Mike.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Devonshire Tea In the Shed

Who says the men in the Shed have no class? The proof is here with a demonstration from Mark on how to enjoy a Devonshire Tea during a Tool Box meeting. Notice the elegant tea cup, probably with Earl Grey tea and the delicate serviette plate. BUT WHERE IS THE 4TH SCONE? Check out the lump in his cheek, and the guilty look on his face. The camera never lies Mark.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You Want How Many!!!???

When our favourite sponsor, ADSSI, asked if we could make stands on which to sit their new computers in their office we jumped at the chance to help.

Then we found they only wanted 45! But because we lost count we made 47!

So the production line kicked into gear and as the stands were assembled they started to take over the Shed. But after cutting 188 biscuit joints, drilling and sanding 188 holes, applying 92 coats of lacquer and sanding each stand between coats and then rubbing each of them back with steel wool and furniture polish the project is complete. And all this before the computers were delivered to the ADSSI office.

But it was worth it to be able to give something back to an organisation that has given so much to this Shed.

Bateau Bay Men's Shed Inc. AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the Bateau Bay Men's Shed will be held at the Shed, 1 Bay Village Road Bateau Bay on Tuesday 21 September 2010. All are invited to attend the meeting commencing at 2pm.

Copies of the Agenda, Nomination Forms and Proxy Nomination forms are available from the Shed.

Membership fees of $10 for the upcoming year are currently being accepted and all financial members are entitled to vote at this meeting.

Membership fees will be accepted until Thursday 16 December 2010 after which a new Application for Membership will be required at a cost of $15.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

With A Little Help From My Friends

Alex has recently moved into a new house and he needed to modify his workbench. With help from Mike, who carried the bench top to the Shed, and Ray who helped drill holes for the coach screws, Alex had his bench remodelled in no time at all.

Even with very limited sight Alex doesn't hold back and insists on keeping the men on task. Such great support is part of what our Shed is all about and with this amount of cooperation every one wins.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Exceptional Work of Art

Steve has spent months cleaning up this beautiful slab of Huon Pine and the results speak for themselves. Now he has a table that will bring pleasure to all those lucky enough to sit around it and marvel at the shape and colour of this ancient timber and at Steve's workmanship.
To see a piece of natural material many 1,000's of years old brought back to life in this form is inspiring.

Steve's Huon Pine Table

Steve has excelled yet again with another piece of pure craftsmanship. This slab of Huon Pine has been transformed from a rather ordinary lump of timber into a remarkable piece that would be the talking point in any room.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dashing Beanie Alex

Alex is always in for some fun and felt that the colours of this beanie suited his inner feelings more the others on display. He felt that being the sensitive new age guy that he is the russet tones of this beanie best complemented the outfit he chose to wear to the Shed on this occasion.

Graham Enjoys the Reward for His Work

Graham was only too happy to pose with his new head dome cover. Though he was hoping for it to be in red & white or was it red & green or even blue & white.

Well never mind Graham it suits your complexion.

For his efforts he also got to take home a jar of home made jam to keep the Director of Home Affairs happy.

Bogie our Male Model

When Bogie left the Navy I wonder if he ever thought he would end up as a "Beanie Model"? Well he has, and they say the camera never lies.

The Tuggerah Knitwits knitted some beanies as thanks for the sandwich boards. The men, especially those who don't need to visit the hairdresser too often, were very thankful to try them on especially as the day was rather cool.

Morning Tea with the Knitwits

Morning tea was a very noisy event when the Knitwits visited but the men were on their very best behaviour. While we couldn't come up with any plates for our guests we were able to tear some paper towels from the roll in the washroom to use instead of serviettes.
Well we thought it was classy!

Knitwits in Our Shed

Three members of the Tuggerah Lakes Knitwits visited our Shed on Tuesday to accept 2 Sandwich Boards we had made to assist them in advertising their meeting room. Here Annette Evans, Community Development Worker from Wyong Council, presents Graham with a certificate of thanks on behalf of her group. Graham took over the design and construction of the sandwich boards and as expected produced work of the highest standard.