Friday, October 24, 2014

The ongoing saga of the 
Surf Reel
D Day; 12th October 2014  
60th anniversary of Toowoon Bay Surf Club

Following on from the presentation of the refurbished surf reel a while ago; we were invited to the festivities & represent the shed while presenting award ribbons to members for their 3rd placing in various races.
Graham our acting President presented the ribbons & Peter our secretary took some photos.
Sadly the camera was playing up so we only managed to get 2 viewable pictures.
The rumor is that they were so pleased with the first full size reel they are thinking of having a smaller reel for the Nippers upgraded.
This one will be to show the Nippers what a reel looks like if they don't look after it & what it should be like after we have finished with it.
Watch this space 

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