Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bateau Bay Shed in Sydney's Centennial Park

New home found for young possum in Centennial Park

The Centennial Parklands’ Rangers have relocated a young Brush-tailed Possum to a new home in Centennial Park after it had taken up residence in a most unlikely spot!

The possum was found by one of the Rangers living in a power box inside the Education Precinct.

Parklands’ Rangers installed a special new possum box, recently purchased from the Bateau Bay Men’s Shed, in the woodlands nearby and relocated the possum to its high-quality, and very comfortable new home.

These special possum homes are specially crafted and professionally made with the highest quality materials by Graham Craike, from the Bateau Bay Men’s Shed.

The Men’s Shed is a group of men in NSW that come together to build projects for the community and share their skills and stories in a supportive and inclusive environment. The Bateau Bay Men’s Shed is supported by the Aged and Disability Support Service (ADSSI).

Half of the profit made from each box sold, are donated to the Wildlife Animal Rescue & Care Society Inc (ARC).

Possums new home
Possum found in power box

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