Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Upside Down Rubber Duckie Award

The Upside Down Rubber Duckie Award is presented by The Entrance Surf Life Saving Club to the member who manages to roll and swamp the Rubber Duckie the most during the sumer season.

The Shed was approached and asked if it were possible for us to make up a model in a form that could be presented to the unfortunate member.  The Surf Club had no set ideas as to how it should be made or displayed so it was left to our members to dream up a design.

John "Woody" Woodward took on the task and the result speaks for itself.  Woody even visited the Surf Club to research the crafts shape and decals as well as the make of their outboard motor. He then set out to create a miniature of the craft.   

With 3 delicately machined brass rods and a polished stand the trophy is ready to have its first shield added at the end of the season.

It all started with a mock up made from a broom handle, 3 nails for supports and an off cut for the base.

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