Friday, July 11, 2014

On Tuesday 24th June our shed along with Singleton, Maitland, Windale & Bonnyrigg sheds were invited to a promotion inside Parliament House in freezing Canberra.

The purpose of the visit was to enlighten politicians of the need for Men’s Sheds, what they do & how important they are for men who perhaps are isolated socially or needing male company & all the other benefits associated within the male domain, including health issues.

We also stressed the importance of this Organization for men (& in some cases women) to be funded by government on a continuing basis.

We understand this Expo display was organized by a number of politicians who have formed a group calling themselves Friends of Shed’s & they use their influence to promote the Men’s Shed Movement within their respective parties.

Jeff Kennett from Beyond Blue is a strong supporter of the Shed’s. He chaired the short formal presentations & in concluding implored MP’s from both sides of Parliament to continue funding our organization.

We all had a small table to display some of the things the members are capable of making which included a working model of a wooden clock mechanism made by our ex-President John.


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