Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Little Tommy Greene has tackled another intricate project for us.
Rita Hogan had 2 sets of  English silver cutlery and only had a storage box for 1 set. 
She asked the shed to make her another container exactly the same as the sample she brought to us.
Tom immediately put his hand up to do the job after we volunteered him for the task.
There was a lot of worrying & sleepless nights ('cause that's what Tommy does) before he figured out how to get the end result exactly right, as seen in the photos below.  
He lost a lot of hair lining the box with the red self adhesive felt. 
I think we may even have heard a few swear words. Not like Tom.
 Anyway, job's done & Rita was so thrilled to receive the finished product she gave us a donation plus a nice bonus as well!!

Ask Tom & he'd say "yeah it turned out ok"

Ask the shedders & they say "top job Tommy"

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