Sunday, February 22, 2015

On the 17th February Shed members hosted the Department of Fair Trading for an informative toolbox talk on scams.
In attendance was the N.S.W State Minister, Matthew Mason Cox, his representative from The Entrance Michael Sharp, main lecturer Sue Dean & her assistant Paul Coles. The Minister outlined in detail what his portfolio covered & why it is so necessary in government.
Sue then proceeded to inform the members in depth, of old scams many knew about, & most of  new sophisticated scams that are current today.
Members were invited to participate & comment or ask questions as the lecture progressed.
The session lasted more than the scheduled 40min but it was pleasing to see so many members thinking & raising their concerns as various issues were discussed.
Many thanks to The Department of Fair Trading for  addressing these issues in such an informative & updated manner.

A good rollup for this one!

 The N.S.W. Minister Matthew Mason Cox (left) & his local Representative Michael Sharp

 Lecture in progress with Sue Dern

  The Minister enjoying some of our renown cream cakes

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