Sunday, March 8, 2015

We're at it again

Once more we were called upon to refurbish a Surf Reel.

This time it was for the Toowoon Bay SLSC Nippers.

The idea is for the nippers to carry this reel during the parades they participate in. It will also be their responsibility to look after something of value which is part of their training.

The reel was in a pretty bad state when brought to us.


Peter & Ron knew what had to be done so they rolled up their sleeves, dismantled the reel & attacked the many coats of paint on the timber frame & reel with gusto. They had a bit of help from other members for this tedious job including Peter’s son. When it was satisfactory to Ron’s standards he took them home to paint (away from the dust etc in the Shed).

They stripped the paint off what they thought was a metal frame &  were surprised to find it was brass tubing. After discussion with the Surf Club & some good advice from the members it was decided to have all the components chromed. New cedar slats were made for the drum portion of the reel.

Check these results & the Video

Sorry for the background noise & quality

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