Monday, July 13, 2015

 We encourage our members to bring to the shed & show the boys something they have made in the past & are proud of, so John Mills brought this model  pressure blaster in to show us .

It is a scale model of a 150hp Pressure Blaster working at 15,000psi using 12 gallons/min. & used to cut concrete & clean drains.

To make this unit he used 4 tyres from a toy, sheets of modelling polystyrene,  balsa wood. copper wire,  also a broken rear light & indicator. He made the other parts he needed on his home lathe.

The scale was determined by the size of the toy tyres & took about 4 months to make as the parts became available. He also re-made some components that did not look right. 

Above is the actual machine the model is based on.
 It has since been painted completely black. 

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