Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ross Jenkins went on the Postman's Riverboat Cruise up the Hawkesbury River recently & brought in some information for the boys to read. 
After much interest & some phone calls it was decided by the members to go on this excursion before if became too cold to enjoy. Members were informed that this outing could include women so most of the boys brought their wives along too. 
We wanted to go on a day the Shed was not open and it was suggested 30th May would be the best day for all. 
There were 23 members and wives supposed to be going but, Ray Thompson contacted the dreaded virus going around & Andrew being Andrew, forgot the date so the number was cut to 19.
It turned out to be a most enjoyable day, the weather was excellent & the narration (by the Captain) of the area was outstanding. Most of us never knew there was so much history and activity in the area from the late 1800's.

A map of the tour including return journey

The public wharf at Brooklyn

The beast we cruised on

Some of the Members & wives down stairs after enjoying lunch

 The President of Milson Island & his sub-ordinate waiting for the mail.

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