Thursday, July 4, 2019

A while ago a Doreen came to us with her beloved push bike that she used to ride to school way back when. It was so rusted & the frame was broken we suggested it be thrown on the tip. Apparently she had lent it to some family members & they had left it out in the elements for a long period until she happened to see it when visiting &  retrieved it. Horrified at our suggestion she pleaded with us to fix it or could we dispose of it as she couldn't bring herself to do it. John Devenport being the softie he is once again put his hand up to see what he could do with it but made no promises. He did not let it beat him & here are the results of his perseverance with new white wall tyres & tubes new pedals, new handle grips,new bell, new reflector & a complete re-spray after everything else repaired.  

Needless to say Doreen was so overjoyed she cried
Well done John but you need to learn how to say NO!!!

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