Monday, July 1, 2019

Sadly our shed lost another member, Bryan Frendin in May this year.
 He came to us through Centrelink to volunteer as per his Newstart obligations & joined in January 2014. Initially he was very tentative about his ability but the boys took him under their wing & gave him the confidence to have a go while being taught new skills. He became so skilled we could just ask him to make something from a drawing & he could do it without much help or guidance from other members. We only had to ask & Bryan was the first to put his hand to help.That's the sort of guy he was. It has been relayed to us by some of his friends he regarded our shed members as his family to the point he was cremated in his beloved Men;s Shed Shirt. A huge representation from our shed attended a testimonial at Toowoon Bay SLSC for the scattering of his ashes. 


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