Sunday, December 15, 2019

After much discussion and deliberations during the year it was decided by the members to once again hold our annual Xmas luncheon @ the Diggers Long Jetty. It is a bit disappointing the All You Can Eat venue has ceased as it was a huge hit with the members and required way less effort to organise. 
This year was a catered affair, and because the Shed was paying for it again, members were asked pay up front if they were attending. The full ammount would be refunded after confirmation they attended. 

We were upgraded to the function room (after someone cancelled their event) which was a huge bonus for us. 
The final attendance was 64 members including some partners.
Although everyone enjoyed themselves there were a large number who when asked thought the meal was not up to scratch and very small.
 After the negative feedback I don't think we will be holding Xmas there next year 

As usual Tubby was right into the Xmas spirit


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