Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mark Segal is the MAN when it comes to innovation & artistic skills.
Therefore when we are asked to do something special & original he's the one to handle it.
A concerned grandad came to us wanting a special plaque for his son & daughter in-law's new born twins.  
The little fellow had all sorts of complications while being delivered as well as after his birth. The girl also had problems to a lesser degree. This meant their arrival home was delayed a couple of weeks.
Their father is a keen surfer so we thought it would be nice to do a surf board from timber as a keepsake & hand me down. Grandad chose the wording & left the rest to us.
Tom Carrol who was a world surfing champion & is a family friend of Mark graciously signed the board. 
The excellent result of the project can be seen below. 
Well done Mark, we know we will be calling on you again.


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