Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Results of 2015 Bateau Bay Men's Shed Inc AGM 
29 September 2015

37 of 89 financial members in attendance 


 May I welcome all members to the 6th Annual General Meeting of the Bateau Bay Men’s Shed.

As in previous years the executive & committee has strived to improve the facilities & environment for all our members. It is most pleasing to see that you understand the Shed is yours & you are thinking & making decisions for the good of all when asked to do so. The executive need & appreciate all members input.  

If we look back to October last year it becomes clear just how busy we have been. 

 Some of the activities we have been involved in include.

Hearing Australia again conducted basic hearing tests in the shed.

Many of our members attended the Community sponsored Mental Health First Aid that was split into two separate sessions; the last being in December, as well as the Help a Mate workshop forum aimed mainly at the Men’s Shed movement held in June.

We participated in Wyong Councils Health Expo held at Mingara last year.

At AMSA’s request members held a BBQ for the Great Outback BBQ to aid drought & flood stricken farmers at which $250 was raised & passed on.

We also supported the Prostate Foundation Big BBQ fund raiser this month by holding a BBQ for 3 consecutive days. Through the members generosity we raised $712 & as promised the shed also donated an equivalent amount making a total of $1424.

 Once again we supported the Samaritan’s Christmas box for 3rd world country children.

400 blackboards & chalk as well as 100 French Knitting Reels with wool & instructions were supplied in bulk. 60 small toy cars were also made & donated. All these will be packed & shipped to New Guinea, Vietnam, Fiji, Thailand, & a few other countries close to home. 

 We hosted Whoosh before and after School Care children during school holidays on two occasions and have developed strong relationship with this group. Both groups enjoyed making their own jigsaw puzzle using the scroll saws under supervision & assembly of small pre-cut trays.

Down Syndrome Queensland ordered &received 30 slope reading boards from us.

 Graham Craike & his disciples made stacks of possum boxes & they remain a good source of income for us. 

We now have ties to the Surf Life Saving Movement through our association with Toowoon Bay SLSC & our sponsoring of an award at their 60th Anniversary carnival.

Once again we sponsored an award for excellence to an outstanding student at Tumbi High School, with a donation of $100.

The NSW Minister for Dept of Fair Trading attended the Shed on 17th Feb together with staff, & informed members of their roll in government & details of scams past & present.

And then there were all those small projects that are too many to mention for people who simply call in seeking assistance for some repairs, advice, or to have something made.

 Our financial membership now totals 90 & growing with an average daily attendance of 26. This shows the importance this Shed has for many men in our community.  

We all need to acknowledge the aid we receive from ADSSI Home Living Australia. Their ongoing support & donations from the day we were offered the use of this building up to the present time has been nothing but outstanding.    

Thanks to ADSSI this Shed is a ‘palace’ compared to many, with equipment and facilities second to none; but this will not continue if we don’t look ahead and plan for the future. As we move into our 7th full year we cannot be complacent & leave the management of the Shed to those who have done it before.  

Everybody can contribute something.   

I wish to thank the outgoing committee for their efforts & help during the year and especially their willingness to accept responsibility in their various rolls.  

To our executive Graham Craike, Richard Howison, Robert Corlet, Peter Crabbie, the general & sub-committee Barry French, John Mills Alex Lee, Clive Tubnor Ron Belshaw & Nigel Stretton my sincere thanks. Your eagerness to be involved in running the Shed has been invaluable.  

We should all be grateful to John Innis for his enthusiasm in picking up cakes for morning tea every day as well as looking after the timber storage, garbage disposal, organising & catering for our regular BBQ’s & the myriad of other things he does for the shed. Our thanks to you John; it is very much appreciated. Also a special thank you to Barry Mitchell & his team for their efforts in keeping our amenities clean.  

I now ask our treasurer Robert Corlet to update members of our current financial status.

   I now declare all positions vacant & wish the incoming Executive and Committee a successful year confident in the knowledge that this Shed has firmly established management policies and day to day working arrangements that have positive influences on all our members.

Thank you.   

Fred Murray   President

Members Elected to Executive Positions
Fred Murray  (President)
Graham Crakie (Vice President)
Robert Corlet (Treasurer)
Richard Howison (Secretary)
Peter Crabbe (Public Officer)

 General Committee
 Alex Lee
John Innis
John Mills
Clive Tubnor
 Ron Belshaw

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