Wednesday, September 9, 2015

      While on the subject there is a huge diversity of skills in all  Men’s Sheds
Here is another example of the talented expertise  from our  Shed.
John Cooper is a newbie & his hobby is making scale models of vintage cars.
He builds them in his spare time using mainly Western Red Cedar along with other softer timbers.
Each model takes about 1 month to complete. Below are 2 examples of what he has done.

1905 Cadillac
Henry M Leland made his own motor car which was designed by Henry Ford in 1903.
The Cadillac Model “E” was a semi racer type business car capable of high speeds on average roads.
It had a single cylinder 9 horse power water cooled engine, with 1 reverse & 2 forward gears & sold for $750

1911 Stanley Steamer
Twin brothers Francis & Freelan Stanley believed the future of the automobile lay with the steam engine.
They produced an early version of the Stanley Steamer in 1897.
 In 1906 one of their steam cars set a world record of 28.2sec for a mile, which equates to 127 miles/hr.
By 1910 most steam car manufactures had turned to petrol power.
In 1918 the brothers had sold about 10,000 cars @ $1500ea but by 1925 these steamers were no longer built.

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